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What is Tamper-Evident Cup Sealing and Why Do It?

From consumer confidence, ease of product distribution, to branding to presentation, to product quality, to convenience, there are a variety of reasons...

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Table-Top Cup Sealers

We offer entry-level equipment, small production equipment, lab sealers and the expertise to help you grow through them all.

Manual Cup Sealing Equipment »

Semi-Automatic Cup Sealing Equipment »

Rotary Fill-N-Seal Equipment

Single lane equipment can fill up to 40 containers per minute and for less than half as much more you can double your output with our double lane equipment.

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Turn-Key Supplier

Not only do we manufacture cup sealing equipment but we also offer the cups and the seals to go with. All supplies manufactured in the U.S. and with FDA IMS listing.

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Automated Cup Fillers & Sealers

Single Lane Fill and Seal equipment up to 40 containers per minute or for less than than half the price more, get a Dual Lane Fill and Seal machine for up to 80 containers per minute.

W201 Double Lane Shown

Fully Automated cup filling and sealing equipment. Our W101 Single Lane Machine is capable of filling and sealing up to 40 containers per minute, while our W201 Double Lane Machine doubles your output for only a fraction more cost. We also have a wide range of complementary equipment available for creating a complete packaging operation. Lean on us for the expertise to get started packaging today!

Table Top Cup Sealers

These Cup sealers are perfect for small scale productions, startup packaging operations, product and packaging testing, shelf life testing, and marketing research. We pride ourselves on serving small accounts with both equipment and Portion Control Cups.

Semi-Automatic Model 25 Standard Cup Sealer

Semi-Automatic Model 20 Customizable Cup Sealer

Standard configurations for the Seal-a-Cup approved containers we carry.

Customizable to your container and seal. This Foil Sealing Machine is virtually universal.


The New Seal-a-Cup Model 15 Manual Cup Sealer

Pre-configured to work with the 3 most common diameter size portion control cups and the matching seals we carry. This Foil Machine is the least expensive Foil Sealing Machine for the entry level packager.

Packaging Supplies

Portion Control Cups, Deli Containers, Tamper Evident Foil Seals, Paper Poly Seals, Die Cut Plastic seals. We have or can provide all the consumables to complement your equipment or ours.

Offering the largest variety of sealable containers manufactured in the U.S. all with FDA IMS listing. We also offer seals in standard and non-standard sizes again with FDA IMS listing.

To purchase in single and multiple case quantities we have an online store for your convenience.

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If you are in need of larger volumes we have structured discounts, please contact us today for more information at 815-490-9235